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Proven Performance of Windproof Membrane in Extreme Climates

With the rise in enthusiasm for outdoor sports in recent years, more and more people are demanding windproof and waterproof outdoor gear, and windproof membrane is a material that is highly sought after for its excellent windproof properties. In order to simulate its performance in extreme weather, scientists have planned a series of field tests covering extreme environments such as mountains, deserts and polar regions. Let's find out how far the windproof membrane can go under extreme conditions.

Cold winds at the top of a mountain

When climbers set foot on the top of a mountain, the wind is cold and the temperature plummets. To verify the windproof membrane's effectiveness, the test team climbed thousands of meters to the top of the mountain wearing outdoor equipment equipped with the material. They recorded the temperature changes inside the gear and the user's actual experience under different wind speeds and temperatures. The results showed that even in extreme windy environments, windproof membrane was able to effectively block the cold wind and ensure a stable internal temperature.

Desert heat and sandstorms

The desert is an extreme environment full of heat and sandstorms. The test team simulated a sandstorm and used specialized equipment to measure the impact of sand particles on the windproof membrane. Surprisingly, the windproof membrane not only successfully resisted the strong sandstorm, but also maintained stable performance under high temperature. What's more, the breathability of the windproof membrane was also outstanding, allowing the testers to move around in the desert without sweating.

The ultimate test of polar cold and snowstorms

The Polar Regions, a place of extreme temperatures down to minus degrees Celsius and frequent snowstorms. The test team walked for hours in a blizzard wearing polar gear equipped with windproof membranes. They found that even in such a harsh environment, the windproof membrane was still able to provide excellent wind protection and a warm haven for the user. At the same time, its excellent cold resistance ensured stable performance at very low temperatures.

SUNGOD, as one of the most trusted PTFE membrane suppliers in this industry, even in extremely low temperatures or high humidity environments, our MK series windproof membrane provides the wearer maximum comfort and warmth. It is usually laminated with fleece to prevent the wind-chill in windy and cold seasons.