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The Basic Introduction of PTFE Garment Film

Teflon clothing film is very practical in life, and what kind of material it is? What are its uses and characteristics? This time, we will briefly introduce the PTFE garment membrane.

Product description:

The woven PTFE membrane uses a unique PTFE lamination technology to make e-PTFE into a microporous film with a diameter between 100-500 nanometers, and it has more than 1 billion pores per square centimeter, which is smaller than water vapor molecules, 700 times larger and 10,000 times smaller than water molecules. The air and water vapor can freely pass through the membrane while keeping water out of the membrane. After years of exploration and continuous improvement, special treatment on the membrane can increase the service life, wear resistance and washing resistance of the membrane. It can be combined with any fabric. Various functions can be added to clothing, which makes the human body more comfortable.

Product Usage:

Clothing: sportswear, cold-proof clothing, travel outdoor clothing; military clothing; medical clothing

Outdoor: raincoat, umbrella, UV resistant, tent, sleeping bag

Protective clothing: special protective clothing for fire fighting and flooding operations

Auxiliary tools: shoes, gloves, hats

Product features:

Good waterproofness, breathable, moisture permeability, windproofing performance, warmth retention performance, long service life

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a kind of very high-quality membrane material. Its unique lamination technology processes it into products that are very helpful in life. There are many styles of PTFE clothing membranes, and the effect is very direct and obvious. The above-mentioned simple expression describes the basic description and use of PTFE garment film. Welcome to inquire.