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The Functions of Waterproof and Moisture Permeable of PTFE Micro Porous Membrane

Waterproof and moisture permeable means that water does not penetrate the fabric under certain pressures, while the sweat vapor emitted by the human body can be diffused or transmitted to the outside world through the fabric. And the vapor will not accumulate or condense between the body surface and the fabric and does not make the human body feel stuffy.

This function of PTFE micro porous membrane depends on the structure of thin film. This film is laminated with the excellent properties of the fabric and the high-tech micro porous film products, and the functional fabric produced combines various excellent properties, such as the function of waterproof and moisture permeablity, windproof and warm-keeping, and pathogen barrier, which are the main development direction of this kind of fabric.

Being tested in all aspects, PTFE fabric has been proved an ideal waterproof breather membrane to maintain the best physiological state of the human body in the most harsh environments, and has been praised as the second skin of human. It can be widely used in overalls, military and police uniforms, and all kinds of outdoor sports clothing such as mountaineering, skiing, golf, as well as leisure clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, medical protective clothing, chemical protective clothing, fire retardant, and heat resistant clothing for fireman, sleeping bags, tents and so on.