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Waterproof Fabric is a New Type of Textile Fabric, How to Clean It?

Waterproof fabric is a new type of fabric, but also a composite fabric. In addition, waterproof and breathable fabrics have more functional characteristics than general waterproof fabrics, thus meeting higher technical requirements. Waterproof fabrics are very common in our daily lives. They are generally used on clothing with wind and water resistance, or backpacks and other items. The special outdoor clothing requires higher requirements. Outdoor clothing that uses high-grade waterproof fabrics, such as jackets, is really not cheap. How to clean and maintain it to keep its characteristics unchanged?

Ⅰ. What is waterproof material fabric?

Waterproof material fabric is a new type of textile fabric, and its composition is a fabric compounded by polymer waterproof and breathable material (PTFE membrane) and cloth.

Real waterproof fabrics can withstand the pressure of water seepage in a humid climate for a long time. For example, walking in the wind and rain for a long time, kneeling or sitting on damp ground, will not seep water.

Ⅱ. How to wash clothes made of waterproof material fabric?

All waterproof fabric garments can be machine washed. After washing, there is no permanent waterproof performance loss, and the DWR water-repellent coating on the surface is lost and can be easily repaired.

Main considerations:

1. You need to zip all the zippers, buckle the buttons, and stick the Velcro in your jacket to restore the wind rope on the stretched hat-otherwise it will cause the fabric to twist.

2. Do not add softener-softener may cause the adhesive strip, the laminated film and the lining layer to separate, and the clothes will be scrapped. Even if it is not so serious, the generation of bubbles is inevitable.

3. No need to use hot water or warm water-the jacket is afraid of high temperature.

4. Generally, the drum is better than the pulsator, and it has less wear and tangle of clothes, but it is not necessary.

5. Do not spin dry. The waterproof fabric lining of the jacket has quick-drying properties and does not absorb much water. Hanging to dry does not take much effort. Don't use strong centrifugal force to damage it.

6. If you are not sure whether the laundry detergent used contains softener (most of them contain), please use washing powder, detergent and other substances for washing.