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Why PTFE Membrane Can Become the Darling of the Clothing Industry?

1. Introduction of PTFE membrane?

As a micro porous membrane stretched by a special process, PTFE membrane has been widely used in various clothing fields. Various manufacturers will consider using high-performance polytetrafluoroethylene film when producing all kinds of cold and warm clothing and sportswear with quick-drying fabrics. So why is this? 

2. Reasons why PTFE membranes have become the darling of the clothing industry

(1) Ultra-high waterproof and breathable to ensure the comfort of clothes

As a polymer waterproof material, PTFE membrane is essentially an efficient waterproof and breathable membrane. The porosity of most PTFE films can reach more than 85 percent. Since the pore size of the microporous membrane is mostly about 0.2-3μm, it can effectively isolate the water point, and the waterproof grade of clothing made of PTFE clothing membrane can often reach IPX7 or more. 

In addition, compared with other air-permeable filter materials, it is often difficult to form a thick dust layer on the surface of the PTFE membrane, and the dust can usually be peeled off naturally. Therefore, compared with other air-permeable clothing, PTFE clothing membrane can filter most dust particles including bacteria while maintaining air circulation.