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Introduction of PTFE Garment Membrane

People who make clothing must be very clear to PTFE clothing membrane. Generally, the fabric of clothing does not have such a powerful function like PTFE clothing membrane. PTFE clothing membrane adopts a special process, through calendering, extrusion, bidirectional stretching and other methods to make micro porous membrane, and then the secondary membrane is compounded on various textile fabrics by glue method to form polytetrafluoroethylene film. The fabric has the special effects of waterproof, moisture permeability, wind resistance and heat preservation. It is widely used in sportswear, cold proof clothing, military, fire, public security, medical, biochemical and other special clothing, shoes and hats, gloves, sleeping bags, tents, etc.

1. Waterproof Performance
Waterproof means that the water on the outside of the fabric will not penetrate the fabric and soak to the inside. PTFE laminate composite fabric is still waterproof even under the pressure equivalent to 10 meters of water depth. Put on the fabric clothing, even if standing in the storm and sitting on the wet surface, people will not feel wet. The reason why the fabric clothing has such a magical function is mainly because the micropore diameter of the PTFE film of the main body of the fabric is 1x5000-120000 of the diameter of water droplets, so even the smallest raindrops can not pass through. PTFE surface energy is low, water droplets can not spread on the film, preventing water droplets from passing through.

2. Moisture Permeability

The porosity of PTFE waterproof breather membrane is as high as 80%, and the average pore size is 0.2 μM. the pore size of PTFE membrane is 700 times larger than that of water vapor molecules, and the water vapor molecules can pass through freely.

3. Windproof Performance
During the stretching process, the PTFE membrane forms a micro porous structure in which the nodes are connected with numerous microfibers. The pores are formed between the microfibers, and the pores are connected with each other, forming a unique network structure. The wind can not pass directly, encounter barrier will change the direction to turn back, effectively prevent the infiltration of air, so it has excellent windproof performance.

4. Heat Preservation Performance
PTFE permeable membrane has excellent moisture permeability, which can transfer the steam discharged from the human body to the microclimate in time, prevent water vapor from condensing into liquid water, and reduce the possibility of water conducting heat. Although the membrane surface is dense with a large number of micropores, the wind can not penetrate, effectively preventing air convection. The test shows that in the strong wind of 25m/s, the warmth keeping effect of PTFE composite fabric is 30-40% higher than that of traditional down jacket.

5. Anti-nuclear Biochemical Performance

The PTFE membrane has a small pore size (average pore diameter 0.2μm), which blocks the penetration of some toxic gases or aerosols, and the low surface can prevent the penetration of some toxic liquids. The non-porous material with high water vapor flux is coated on one side of the film to realize the selective infiltration of water vapor and achieve the purpose of complete protection. The nuclear and biochemical protective clothing processed by PTFE composite fabric can be waterproof, moisture permeable, wind-proof, nuclear and biochemical resistent.