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Applications of PTFE Membrane in Four Major Clothing Fields

Application of PTFE membrane in the field of clothing

1. Outdoor sports and leisure clothing

PTFE membrane waterproof and breathable fabrics are commonly used in outdoor sports and leisure clothing. In addition to having a certain waterproof and breathable effect, they must also have a certain degree of comfort.

2. Labor protection clothing

Labor protection clothing prevents external water droplets (or droplets) from penetrating the fabric. At the same time, the sweat emitted by the human body can be diffused and transmitted to the outside through the fabric. Sweat will not accumulate and condense between the clothing and the skin. People will not feel stuffy or clammy when worn. Avoid chronic diseases such as heart disease caused by long-term work in uncomfortable environments.

3. Medical-surgical clothing

Medical-surgical clothing needs to have high resistance to blood and body fluid penetration, block the direct contact of liquid reagents with the human body, and avoid the possibility of infection or injury to the human body.

4. Military clothing

Due to the harsh environment of field operations, military clothing must have strong barrier properties. The PTFE membrane's high air and moisture permeability can maintain a comfortable micro-environment of human clothing and ensure the military's lasting combat effectiveness.