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Knowledge of Medical Protective Clothing Fabric

Nowadays, the fabric and protective performance of medical protective clothing are related to the health and life safety of the majority of medical workers and people. SUNGOD Technology Co., Ltd. PTFE protective clothing filter membrane leads the trend of high-end medical protective clothing, and plays an important role in the medical field, especially contributing great strength to the current epidemic situation.

Melt blown cloth is characterized by small fiber diameter, large specific surface area, fluffy, soft, good drape, low filtration resistance, high filtration efficiency, and strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure. However, its low strength and poor wear resistance limit the development of its application fields to a considerable extent. In contrast, spunbonded fabric has higher fiber linear density, and its web is composed of continuous filament. Its breaking strength and elongation are much larger than that of melt blown fabric, which can make up for the deficiency of melt blown fabric.

Protective clothing is usually made of composite materials, such as polyester or polypropylene spun into a net nonwoven fabric combined with a micro porous breathable membrane, or a spun lace nonwoven fabric combined with a PTFE protective clothing filter membrane. At present, polyethylene nonwovens and spunbonded / melt blown / spunbonded (SMS) or spunbonded / melt blown / spunbonded (SMMs) composite nonwovens and microporous breathable membranes are widely used, and the functional finishing of "three repellents and one anti" (water repellent, blood repellent, alcohol repellent, antistatic) functional finishing is carried out.

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