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Why are the Prices of Outdoor Jackets So Different? Here are the Technical Difference between PTFE Membrane and TPU or PU Fabric

Why are the prices of outdoor jackets so different? Because the outermost layer of waterproof breathable fabric is different, which may be the most concerning factor when you buy an outdoor jacket. If you want to know about the fabric, it is suggested that you figure out whether the substance of this fabric is PTFE or PU, or TPU. The effect will be different depending on the ingredients.

PTFE fabric is mostly laminating fabric, which is fitted with a layer of waterproof breathable membrane under the outer fabric to achieve a waterproof and breathable effect. Characterized by excellent stability, the fabric is not susceptible to change even at low temperatures, so it is often used in a variety of harsher environments.

The main principle of the waterproof breathable membrane is the use of PTFE lamination technology, making the micropore appear. And the pore diameter has to be controlled at about 700 times that of a water molecule and about 20,000 times that of a water drop. There are about 9 billion micropores in the area of each square centimeter, which cannot be permeated by water drops, but sweat gas can be expelled through the micropores in the form of molecules so as to achieve the waterproof-breathable purpose.

A simple principle as it is, some core technologies are difficult to master, such as how to control the size, density or uniformity of the pore diameter in the process of stretching, the thickness of the membrane during stacking, and the technology, temperature and pressure when fitted with the base cloth, etc. Therefore, there are not many manufacturers that can actually produce qualified PTFE fabric of outdoor jackets. SUNGOD is exactly a high-tech PTFE membrane manufacturer focused on PTFE membrane technology research and development and production.

Most PU or TPU fabric is coated with a waterproof breathable layer under the outer fabric. The permeability of the fabric will decrease at low temperatures. That's the reason why we often see some brands use PU or TPU fabric to make cheap clothes for low-altitude sports.

As the core raw material of high-end outdoor jackets, SUNGOD's outdoor waterproofing membrane has excellent waterproof performance that can effectively block rainwater; it enjoys good breathable performance that can effectively eliminate sweat and keep human comfort; it also has good wear resistance and water resistance.