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What is PTFE Membrane

PTFE membrane is a kind of micro porous film made of polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) by special technology such as calendering, extruding and bidirectional drawing. It can be divided into garment film, air filtration film and air purification film according to its use.

Garment PTFE Membrane

Garment PTFE membrane is the micro porous film made by the way of bidirectional drawing. The surface of the membrane can reach more than a billion micropores per square centimeter, each micropore(0.1μm-0.5μm) is hundreds of times smaller than the diameter of the water molecule(20μm-100μm), while is tens of thousands of times larger than that of a molecule of water vapor(0.0003μm-0.0004μm). So that water vapor can pass through but water droplets cannot, which is the principle of waterproof and moisture permeable. In addition, wind cannot pass through because of the extremely small pore and the irregular longitudinal bending arrangement, so it also has the characteristics of windproof and warm-keeping.

The waterproof breathable membrane can be combined with other fabrics, and widely used in military clothing, medical clothing, leisure clothing, special protective clothing such as firefighting and flooding operations, as well as outdoor sports clothing, shoes, hats, gloves and other accessories, and sleeping bags, tents, rain gear, and other materials.

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