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The Progress of PTFE Garment Film Processing Technology

For some of the clothes we wear, PTFE film is used for windproof and warmth. Teflon clothing film has good properties of air permeability, avoiding sweat stains, windproofing and thermal insulation. Therefore, such as jackets, sportswear, etc. that need to be worn outdoors are made of PTFE clothing film. With the progress of the times, the processing technology of PTFE clothing film is also constantly improving.

Teflon garment film processing:

The processing equipment in the 1990s was relatively simple, and some countries basically used old-style lathes to determine the thickness of the PTFE film by adjusting the gear and controlling the speed of the knife. The cutter is made of ordinary alloy. If there is a little impurity in the raw material, long marks will appear on the surface of the PTFE film immediately.

With the increase in demand, CNC lathes replaced the old-style lathes, which can easily produce various thicknesses. And the surface of the produced film is brighter and smoother.

With the development of the economy, the technology of all walks of life is developing to meet the needs of the society, and the production technology of PTFE clothing film is also developing. With the emergence of numerical control technology, we produce PTFE clothing film. Time can also use CNC technology. If you need to buy PTFE garment film, you can call to consult the PTFE membrane supplier, SUNGOD Technology Co., Ltd.