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Innovative Comfort and Protection Fabric Technology with PTFE Membrane

All outdoor enthusiasts undoubtedly have high requirements for their hardshell jackets, as they are an essential piece of equipment for staying dry and warm. And now, hardshell jackets are even more technologically advanced, with even the thinnest jackets offering excellent waterproofing and breathability, and importantly, insulation.

The technology behind hardshell jackets lies in PTFE membrane composite materials, which are one of the few fabric options in the world that combines professional waterproofing, breathability, and wind resistance in one.

1. Professional waterproofing with PTFE membrane

Professional waterproofing with PTFE membrane means that regardless of whether you are sitting in a damp place, or in any adverse natural environment (such as walking in a stormy environment), it can effectively prevent rain and snow from invading, keeping water from seeping into your clothes and making you feel cold and damp.

2. Breathability of PTFE membrane

Breathability of PTFE membrane means that when you perform high-intensity outdoor activities and your body naturally sweats and exhales a lot of moisture, if it cannot quickly escape from your clothes, it will get trapped between your body and clothes, making you feel wet and cold in rainy and humid weather. Especially in cold conditions, such as mountains and canyons, the body's cold and hypothermic response is very dangerous. Therefore, clothing made of polytetrafluoroethylene membrane with good breathability is very important.

3. Wind resistance of PTFE membrane

Wind resistance of PTFE membrane means 100% protection against wind-chill effects. In changing natural environments, when cold wind penetrates through our clothes, it blows away a layer of warm air close to our skin. This layer of warm air is about one centimeter thick, with a temperature of 34℃ to 35℃ and humidity between 40% to 60%. Even a small change in this warm layer of air will result in us feeling cold and uncomfortable. When cold wind enters our clothes and destroys this warm layer of air, it causes heat to quickly dissipate, body temperature to drop, and we immediately feel cold. This is known as wind-chill effect.

Hardshell jackets contain a special PTFE membrane with multiple features of waterproofing, breathability, and wind resistance. The characteristic of this material is that there are 9 billion tiny pores per square inch on its milky-white surface, each pore is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, but 700 times bigger than a water vapor molecule. This way, water droplets cannot penetrate into the pores but sweat vapor can evaporate through the film, achieving both waterproof and breathable purposes. So it is important to find reliable and professional PTFE membrane suppliers.

This unique functionality cannot be compared to regular waterproof pressure-bonded hardshell jackets. Additionally, some films also have a layer of oil-resistant substance on their surface, which can prevent pollutants from invading and blocking the pores, ensuring the fabric's waterproof and breathable functionality. On the basis of waterproofing, the outer layer of the fabric has been treated with water repellent, allowing rainwater to flow down quickly along the surface of the fabric without seeping into the fabric. This prevents the surface fabric from absorbing water in the rain, making clothes heavy and appearing soaked. This also reduces the possibility of heat loss and water vapor condensation, preventing people from feeling cold and damp. In terms of wind resistance and insulation, PTFE membrane products can prevent wind penetration and maintain body warmth. When paired with a suitable fleece or down jacket, you can stroll in any harsh natural environments with ease. For such excellent functionality, the price of hardshell jackets is well worth it.