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Application of PTFE Micro Porous Membrane

1. Application of PTFE Micro Porous Membrane in Medical Field

PTFE micro porous membrane has good biocompatibility, good flexibility and stable properties. It has been widely used in medical fields, such as artificial blood vessels, heart valves and so on. It was found that the antibacterial rate of PTFE micro porous membrane added with antibacterial agent AM-5 was low. However, the antibacterial rate to other bacteria can reach more than 98%. The antibacterial rate of PTFE microporous membrane added with CAH-2 antibacterial agent to all kinds of bacteria and fungi reached 100%, and the antibacterial effect was very obvious. Filling the PTFE microporous membrane with serum protein can also effectively and quickly adsorb the bilirubin in the plasma and prevent the coagulation of platelets.

2. Application of PTFE Micro Porous Membrane in Clothing Field

The diameter of PTFE micro porous membrane is between the molecular diameter of water vapor and the diameter of droplet. It can be waterproof and moisture permeable, and the cold air cannot penetrate the membrane, so it is very suitable for making clothing. The PTFE composite membrane was prepared by lamination technology when making the garment. The composite membrane has very good air permeability, with a water vapor permeability of 11496 g/(24h·m2), and can effectively separate viruses and water in the air. In the research of professionals, it is also found that the new material composed of down, acrylic fiber and PTFE has better wind proof and thermal insulation effect than ordinary cloth, and the water vapor can enter and leave the material freely, so it is very comfortable to wear.