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Application of PTFE Composite Fabric

1. PTFE functional fabric for thermal down

The traditional thermal down is made of PU film and the fabric. This kind of film is not breathable and the body sweat cannot be discharged. SUNGOD laminates PTFE membrane and knitted fabric, which can be used for thermal down. The fabric has the advantages of waterproof, windproof and warm.

2. PTFE functional fabric is a high-quality outdoor waterproof fabric

The PTFE membrane composite fabric has the functions of waterproof, moisture permeability and windproof, which greatly improves the wearing comfort and functionality of sportswear, and reduces the sudden rain when going out.

3. Use PTFE functional fabrics to make special clothing

For medical staff, firefighters, traffic police, national defense soldiers and other work clothes, it has the function of avoiding sweat stains. It can be combined with fabrics with flame retardant function to make flame retardant clothing.

4. PTFE functional fabric for shoes

The fabric or other porous outer layer material is glued together with the PTFE membrane, and its microporous structure is maintained, and the production of hiking shoes can achieve the effect of waterproof and moisture permeability. Standard testing found that the upper has eight to ten times the moisture permeability of conventional coated waterproof uppers. This upper can also be made of different fabrics, structures, colors, etc. as needed, which can endow the shoes with the following functions: water resistance, moisture permeability, wind resistance, and antibacterial properties.

In addition, the lining layer composed of PTFE film can also be glued together with leather to make all kinds of waterproof leather shoes (boots) with beautiful appearance. Therefore, PTFE composite fabrics can be widely used in military shoes, casual shoes and many other aspects. Most of the shoes at this stage are not laminated with PTFE film, which has the disadvantage of being airtight and uncomfortable to wear on the feet. Therefore, in order to solve this difficulty, a porous outer layer material can be laminated with PTFE film.