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The Windproof Property of PTFE Garment Film

There are many properties of PTFE clothing membrane that are very good, such as waterproof performance, windproof performance, warmth retention performance, etc., so there are still more performances about PTFE clothing membrane. Then follow the steps of SUNGOD Technology Co., Ltd. to explore the windproof performance of PTFE membrane.

Windproofness refers to the characteristic that the outside air cannot penetrate the fabric and reach the human body. During the stretching process, the PTFE air filter membrane forms a micro porous structure with nodes connected to countless microfibers, and pores are formed between the microfibers, and the pores are connected to each other to form a unique network structure.

Utilizing the pore-forming characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene plastic, a micro porous film made by biaxial stretching method. The surface of the membrane can reach more than one billion micro pores per square centimeter. Because the pores are extremely small and longitudinally irregularly arranged to prevent wind from passing through, and thus have the characteristics of wind resistance and warmth retention. Wind cannot pass directly, and it will change direction and fold back when it encounters obstruction, so it has excellent windproof performance.

Teflon clothing film has excellent windproof performance, and its windproof film performance is deeply loved by manufacturers and consumers. If you want to buy PTFE clothing film, welcome to contact SUNGOD Technology Co., Ltd. for what you want.