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Defense Force

Defense Force Garments with PTFE Membrane

PTFE Membrane for Defense Force

Military personnel must perform a variety of tasks in harsh conditions and climates. 

They need versatile, mission-critical protection to protect them from the hurt of cold high humidity weather, hazardous chemicals, fuel, etc.

Durable fabric provides lasting protection and comfort, maintaining high performance under all conditions. No matter army, navy, or air force troops, soldiers deserve the best protection from challenging weather, foul battlefield environments, from desert to mountains.

Features and Benefits

Our PTFE membrane is durable waterproof, windproof, and allows water sweat vapor to escape quickly from inside, keeping dry all the time, enables the solider to feel comfortable, concentrate on their work, and perform at their best.

SUNGOD PTFE membrane is lightweight and flexible to be 2L or 3L.

Besides, SUNGOD has issued another new bi-component PTFE with color, black, gray, etc.

It passes the critical standards:

  • DEET insect liquid resistance test

  • 100 hours wet flex test

  • Contamination of Fuel and Oil

  • No delamination after 20 times 60℃ (even 75℃) wash

Defense Force Garments with PTFE Membrane