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The Key Role of Waterproof and Breathable Membrane Materials in the Epidemic

1. Wide application of waterproof and breathable membrane materials

The large-scale outbreak of the epidemic in the spring of 2020 is also the beginning of the shortage of medical protective equipment. The situation of fighting against COVID-19 is urgent. Medical masks and medical protective clothing are urgently needed materials for prevention and control. Among them, the material closely related to our industry is PTFE Waterproof breathable membrane. The material is widely used in medical and tooling, outdoor sports, home and so on.

2. The role of waterproof and breathable membrane clothing in medical treatment

In the medical work environment, our medical staff will encounter germs, harmful ultra-fine dust, various liquids with complex characteristics and corrosive chemicals, so the waterproof breathable membrane protective clothing can protect the entire body of the staff.

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