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The Protective Effect of SUNGOD Polytetrafluoroethylene Membrane Breathable Membrane

The fabric and protective performance of medical protective clothing are related to the health and safety of medical workers and people. SUNGOD PTFE breathable film leads the trend of high-end medical protective clothing and plays an important role in the medical field, especially contributing a huge force to the current epidemic.

1. Polytetrafluoroethylene membrane can block the invasion of viruses

Inferring from the nature of influenza viruses, viruses prefer smooth, non-porous surfaces and have a shorter retention time on wool or other fleece fabrics. In ordinary home and travel life, there is no need to consider the influence of clothing material and static electricity on virus adsorption, and comfort and warmth are the mainstay. The virus is mainly transmitted through droplets, not in the air alone. It may stay on clothes of any material. Do not touch your mouth, nose, eyes, etc. with your hands, wash your hands in time when you go home, and disinfect and ventilate your coat. It is more important than the choice of material.

2. The performance advantages of polytetrafluoroethylene membrane

The polytetrafluoroethylene membrane breathable membrane is combined with ordinary filter material to form a new type of material. This layer of film is equivalent to playing the role of a dust layer. The material exchange is carried out on the surface of the film, and it can be effectively protected at the beginning of use. It has good barrier properties to blood and viruses.

SUNGOD specializes in the production of polytetrafluoroethylene membranes. It has a full set of advanced imported production equipment and technology, and also has an independent compound workshop to ensure production quality. Interested parties can enter the SUNGOD official website for consultation: