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Waterproof and Breathable Function of SUNGOD EPTFE Membrane Clothing Film

PTFE clothing film is a kind of microporous film which is made of ePTFE membrane resin by biaxially stretching. It has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture permeability, windproof and warm keeping. It is widely used in cold clothing, sportswear, fire, military, public security, medical and other special clothing, as well as shoes and hats, gloves, sleeping bags, tents and so on.

1. Waterproofing of ePTFE membrane

Water resistance means that the water on the outside of the fabric will not penetrate the fabric and soak into the inside. When wearing the fabric clothing, even standing in the storm and sitting on the wet surface, people will not feel wet. You can get more details about ePTFE membrane.

2. The function of ePTFE membrane clothing film

A new type of filter material is formed by compounding a layer of ePTFE membrane on the surface of common filter material. This film acts as a "primary dust layer". Material exchange is carried out on the surface of the film, and effective filtration can be carried out at the beginning of use. It is durable waterproof, water repellent, antibacterial, antistatic, flame retardant, moisture permeability and other physical and mechanical properties. It has good barrier performance for blood and virus (liquid or gas) under natural and pressure conditions, and the barrier (filtration) efficiency is more than 99%.

The ePTFE membrane clothing films produced by SUNGOD Technology Co., Ltd. are made of imported raw materials. With a full set of advanced production equipment, advanced production equipment, advanced clean room and independent compound cutting workshop, the production quality of PTFE film is ensured. The quality of PTFE film is tested by imported production testing instrument. Anyone interested in it can contact us.