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Excellent Waterproof and Breathable Fabric

In the past few decades, in order to solve the main contradiction between the moisture permeability and waterproof of clothing, people have developed many different types of waterproof fabrics, which can be summarized as the following three types.

1. High-density fabric

This kind of fabric performs well in terms of drape, moisture permeability and hand feeling, but because this fabric has a very large warp density and weft density, the process is difficult and the cost is higher in the processing process. And although the fabric has good moisture permeability, its waterproof performance is generally poor.

2. Coated fabric

Coated fabrics can be divided into hydrophilic coated fabrics and microporous coated fabrics according to the types of coatings applied on the surface of the fabric. The emergence of coated fabrics has realized people's dream that clothing can be waterproof. The advantage of coated fabrics lies in the insufficient performance of high-density fabrics. Coated fabrics are simple and fast to process and have excellent waterproof performance. The moisture permeability of the coated fabric is very poor, and the moisture permeability is very low or almost impermeable. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a fabric that has both high-density fabrics with good moisture permeability and coated fabrics with excellent water resistance.

3. Laminated fabric layer

The emergence of press fabrics has solved the problem of making fabrics both waterproof and moisture permeable. Compared with the first two types of fabrics, this type of fabric has obvious technical advantages. The fabric made by combining PTFE membrane with ordinary fabrics through laminating technology has excellent waterproof and moisture permeability, and is one of the few fabrics that combines various advantages.

The fabric composited by PTFE membrane is a functional fabric with huge market development potential in the future, which will have considerable market prospects.