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How to Wash the Jacket to Protect the Waterproofness?

Entering autumn and winter means strong winds and severe cold weather. People love to wear windproof and rainproof jackets when outdoor sports or travel. Jackets are good to wear, but when it comes to cleaning, people are wondering how many times to wear them before washing them? Can we wash them in the washing machine? Will it damage the waterproofness?

According to the structure, the jacket can be divided into two-layer jacket and three-layer jacket. The two-layer structure is the outer fabric laminated with a waterproof breather membrane. In order to wear comfortably, a separate lining will be added to the inside of this type of jacket. The three-layer structure is composed of outer fabric, waterproof membrane, and lining to form a layer of this type of jacket without a separate lining.

Jackets are generally laminated with an expanded ptfe membrane. The voids of this film are smaller than water molecules and larger than gas molecules. Therefore, it can effectively block the entry of water molecules. At the same time, it can excrete the moisture generated by the body to ensure the body's dryness and warmth, so that it can effectively block the intrusion of rain, frost and snow in humid places or in a wind and rain environment.

In summary, it can be seen that cleaning dirt, protecting the water-repellent coating and waterproof film are the main tasks of cleaning.

If only part of the area is dirty, you can choose to clean it locally: use a soft brush dipped in a neutral detergent to scrub the dirty area, and then gently wipe the stained surface with a cotton cloth.

Pay attention to the overall cleaning: do not machine wash, it is easy to cause the waterproof membrane and the cloth base to separate; do not dry clean, the dry-cleaning agent is an organic solvent, which can dissolve the silicone waterproofing agent;

Jackets should not be washed too frequently. Do not clean the jacket more than three times a year.