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Innovative Exploration of New Porous PTFE Membrane Preparation Process and Composite Technology

We all know that porous PTFE membrane has excellent properties such as strong water permeability and excellent air permeability. SUNGOD has always been committed to exploring and improving the many excellent properties of porous PTFE, which can be used in outdoor equipment, medical industry and special occupational protective clothing with high requirements. With the rapid development of technology today, PTFE porous film is gradually becoming the leader in many fields due to its excellent performance. In this paper, we will discuss the preparation process of new porous PTFE membranes, especially the stretching method and phase separation method, and analyse their respective characteristics. We will also focus on the composite technology of porous PTFE membranes and polymers, revealing how these technologies can add a new dimension to material performance.

Preparation of PTFE Porous Membranes

A New Chapter in Stretching

Stretching, the traditional method of preparing porous PTFE membranes has undergone continuous process optimisation and is now capable of precisely controlling the stretching temperature, speed and ratio to produce membrane materials with varying pore sizes and porosities. This method, known as the stretching method of PTFE membrane preparation,  is not only easy to operate and cost-effective, but also has the potential for large-scale production. However, the problem of possible stresses during the stretching process still needs to be thoroughly investigated and improved.

The Unique Attractiveness of the Phase Separation Method

The phase separation method achieves a clever separation of the two phases in solution by finely tuning the solubility and dispersion of the polymer, resulting in the preparation of porous PTFE membranes with uniform structure and high porosity. Although this method requires high requirements for raw materials, solvents and preparation conditions, and the cost is relatively high, its unique preparation process endows the material with excellent performance, which is worthy of further exploration and improvement in practice.

Composite Technology Innovation of PTFE Porous Membrane

Breakthrough in Nanocomposite Technology

Nanocomposite technology injects new vitality into porous PTFE membrane by closely combining nanomaterials with porous PTFE membrane with the help of unique properties of nanomaterials, such as high strength and high thermal stability. This technology can be realised through various methods such as solution blending and in-situ polymerisation, opening up new paths for the performance enhancement of porous PTFE membranes.

Fresh Perspectives on Interfacial Engineering

The introduction of interfacial engineering technology has greatly improved the interfacial properties between porous PTFE membranes and other polymer materials. By means of regulating interfacial compatibility and introducing special functional groups, this technology optimizes the interfacial structure of the material, which in turn improves the comprehensive performance of the porous PTFE membrane material. The application of this technology not only expands the application fields of porous PTFE membranes, but also brings new insights for the development of materials science.

SUNGOD, as a professional and responsible porous PTFE membrane manufacturer, has been committed to the research and development and innovation of new porous PTFE membrane preparation process, as well as exploring the benefits that can be generated from the composite technology of porous PTFE membrane and other polymer materials. We not only provide high quality, high abrasion resistance, high safety and strong waterproof porous PTFE membrane, we can not only provide high quality, high abrasion resistance, high safety and strong waterproof porous PTFE membrane, we can also provide customised service to meet the requirements of different usage scenarios.