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Stability of SUNGOD PTFE Clothing Film

SUNGOD Technology Co., Ltd. provides PTFE clothing film for textile. It is a kind of micro porous film with a diameter of 100-500 nm made of PTFE by using unique technology. The film has more than 1 billion pores per square centimeter.

1. Chemical stability of PTFE film

Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon or PTFE), commonly known as "plastic king", is a polymer compound formed by polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene. It has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, non-sticking with high lubrication, , electrical insulation and good aging resistance. PTFE film is a kind of micro porous film, which is produced by special processes such as premixing, extruding, calendering and biaxial stretching. According to different formula thickness, the film is divided into clothing film, building waterproof film, filter film, purification film, automobile or building glass film and so on.

2. Stability of PTFE film material

PTFE clothing film is a kind of high polymer waterproof material. The porosity of PTFE film can reach more than 85%, and the air can flow smoothly. The pore size of the membrane is 0.2-3 μ m. It can effectively isolate water points, and the waterproof grade can reach above ipx7. Compared with other air permeable filter materials, it is difficult to form a thick dust layer on the surface of PTFE film, so the dust can peel off naturally.

SUNGOD Technology Co., Ltd. is a PTFE film environmental protection material manufacturer. specialized in R & D, production and sales. Our company is different from other manufacturers. According to the users' requirements, our company can optimize the combination of key technical parameters such as speed ratio, pressure ratio and operating temperature. According to the ratio and pore forming medium, we can realize on-line control of air permeability, thickness and porosity to meet your different requirements.