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Is 3 Ply Waterproofing Membrane Better Than Thinner Waterproofing Membrane?

The answer would vary upon your application. Let's scroll down to explore.

What is a Waterproof Fabric & Layered Construction?

Waterproof fabrics are made with a series of layers but some use 2 layers, some use 2.5 layers and some use 3 layers, so what is the difference and why should I care? Here we can offer you the advantages and disadvantages of the different construction methods.

Most waterproof and breathable fabrics have 2 layers, this is the traditional approach used by most specialist fabric manufacturers for garments. Well, for footwear, especially footwear for outdoor use, the 3 ply waterproofing membrane is widely applied for a better waterproof function.


The outer layer is the visible layer; the one everyone can see and touch on the outside of the garment and accessories. It is the layer that forms the structure and so it can vary enormously in weight, texture, color, pattern, and design.

The inner layer or membrane is an invisible layer and is where all of the magic happens, turning an ordinary piece of fabric into one which is both waterproof and breathable.