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Expanded PTFE Membrane Can Be Used in Cold Clothing

EPTFE Film(Expanded PTFE Membrane): A Versatile Material with Exceptional Properties. EPTFE film (Expanded PTFE Membrane) is a highly common material known for its fundamental properties and a wide range of applications. Today, we'll introduce one specific type of PTFE film used in clothing.

The Structure of  EPTFE Film (Expanded PTFE Membrane) Determines Its Function and Applications

Due to its molecular structure, EPTFE film(Expanded PTFE Membrane) is smaller than water molecules but larger than water vapor molecules, granting it waterproof, breathable, and ventilating properties. When processed in combination with other fabrics, it can be used in sportswear such as mountaineering suits, windbreakers, skiwear, and thermal clothing.

PTFE clothing film is created from PTFE resin through a special biaxial stretching process, resulting in a microporous film. It possesses characteristics like waterproofing, breathability, windproofing, and warmth retention. It finds extensive use in cold-resistant clothing, sportswear, firefighting gear, military and police uniforms, medical and healthcare attire, chemical protection clothing, as well as accessories like shoes, hats, gloves, sleeping bags, and tents.

The pore rate of EPTFE film (Expanded PTFE Membrane) can reach 80% to 90%. After high-temperature heat-setting treatment, the micro-pore structure remains stable. It effectively traps dust particles due to its small and uniform pore size, relying on surface filtration mechanisms. It has excellent hydrophobic properties, a low surface energy, and outstanding non-adhesive abilities, making it adept at removing accumulated dust from the surface. It can be easily restored to its original performance through water washing or reverse blowing, significantly extending its lifespan.