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Corrosion Resistance and Temperature Resistance Performance of PTFE Clothing Film

After the development of the times and the excavation of science and technology, we humans have used our strongest brains to achieve the current world. We have thousands of materials, thousands of processes, and thousands of technologies to develop what we want. PTFE is made of PTFE membrane as the main raw material, after adding special substances, it has corrosion resistance and sealing performance.

1. PTFE film: corrosion resistance

PTFE moisture barrier membrane is inert to most chemicals and solvents, can withstand strong acid and strong alkali, and will not change badly when boiled in water. Except for molten metal sodium and liquid fluorine, it can be used as clothing fabrics, which has a good moisture-proof effect.

2. PTFE clothing film: high temperature resistance

The PTFE membrane can work for a long time at a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius to minus 180 degrees Celsius. Firefighters wear Teflon membrane clothing to work, which can greatly reduce the damage caused by the fire.