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High-quality Raincoat Waterproof and Breathable Fabric: SUNGOD PTFE Clothing Membrane

A raincoat is rain clothing made of waterproof fabric. The waterproof fabrics used in raincoats include adhesive tape, tarpaulin and plastic film. Modern waterproof fabrics for raincoats pay attention to air permeability. The better ones include Oxford cloth, pongee, jacquard cloth, etc., and the high-end ones include PTFE functional fabrics. No matter what kind of fabric, it depends on the fabric surface and rubber sole to determine the quality. Today, SUNGOD is here to talk to you about the characteristics of PTFE laminated composite fabrics for high-end raincoats.

1. PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene membrane composite fabric has high-strength waterproof function

The PTFE functional fabric is still waterproof even under great pressure. Wearing this fabric clothing, even if you stand in a storm or sit on a wet surface, you will not feel wet. The reason why the fabric clothing has such amazing functions is mainly because the pore size of the main PTFE membrane of the fabric is 1/40,000 of the diameter of water droplets, so even the smallest raindrops cannot pass through. The surface energy of the PTFE film is low, and water droplets cannot spread on the film, preventing water droplets from penetrating.

2. PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene film composite fabric has high-strength breathable function

The porosity of PTFE clothing breathable membrane is as high as 80%, and the micropore diameter is 400 times larger than that of water vapor molecules, so water vapor molecules can pass through freely. It has good moisture permeability, comfortable to wear.

3. PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene film composite fabric has a good windproof and warm-keeping function

Tests show that in a strong wind of 25m/s, the thermal insulation effect of PTFE composite fabric is 30%-40% higher than that of traditional down jackets. Just imagine that when we put on a raincoat made of PTFE composite fabric and walk in a storm, even in winter, we can feel the warmth that this raincoat brings to us.

At present, the PTFE film series independently developed by SUNGOD is the core material of high-end raincoats. It has excellent waterproof performance and can effectively block rainwater; has good air permeability, effectively discharges sweat and maintains human comfort; good wear resistance and washing resistance and other characteristics!