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Microporous PTFE Membrane Helps Develop Medical Materials

1. Excellent performance of PTFE

The excellent function of PTFE is determined by its molecular structure. The molecules of PTFE are covalently bonded by two elements of C and F. Since the C—F bond has a higher bond energy, it requires a larger bond energy to break the C—F bond. Therefore, PTFE has High degree of stability, not prone to chemical reactions. Therefore, polytetrafluoroethylene is also known as the "Plastic King", and water and various organic solvents cannot dissolve or swell it. Strong acids, strong bases, and strong oxidizers cannot act on PTFE even at high temperatures, and its chemical resistance even surpasses some precious metals. In addition, in the PTFE macromolecular chain, the fluorine atoms are symmetrically and uniformly distributed, and the molecules are not polar, so materials made of PTFE often have excellent dielectric functions. The dielectric function is not affected by the frequency of the electric field at all, and can be maintained in a wide range of temperature.

2. Microporous PTFE membrane helps the development of medical materials

With a variety of outstanding properties, the microporous PTFE membrane has now been widely used in the production of various medical materials, such as various surgical gowns, surgical towels, wound dressings, sterilization equipment packaging materials, and so on.

Taking the manufacturing of surgical gowns as an example, surgical gowns should have good protection and breathability. Only in this way can they ensure that medical staff can maintain a high degree of comfort during the operation, and at the same time not be infected by the patient’s blood, especially avoiding infections in certain highly saturated areas such as the abdomen to the chest and from the elbows to the sleeves of the wrists. Nowadays, there are a large number of surgical gowns with varying degrees of protection and breathability on the market, such as surgical gowns with double-layer fabrics, surgical gowns with microporous PTFE film composite on the main body parts, and full PTFE film. Stacking surgical gowns. According to relevant studies, among the existing surgical gowns of all materials, in terms of blood permeation resistance, surgical gowns composited with microporous polytetrafluoroethylene membrane far exceed other surgical gowns with laminated fabrics. In addition, in terms of comfort, surgical gowns made of microporous membranes are even as comfortable to wear as general clothes.

Therefore, with the continuous development of microporous PTFE membrane technology, medical materials have also received a comprehensive improvement in quality and performance.