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What Are the Future Areas Driving the Demand Growth of PTFE Micro-porous Membrane?

PTFE micro-porous membrane is an excellent material for waterproofing, dustproofing and ventilation. The PTFE micro-porous membrane has a three-dimensional porous microstructure at the micro or sub-micron scale, while maintaining the excellent chemical properties of PTFE. By changing the structure, morphology, thickness and other properties of the material, and combining with different auxiliary materials, it can achieve different functions and applications.

The PTFE micro-porous membrane has excellent properties such as high chemical stability, high and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, good non-adhesiveness, electrical insulation, and good biocompatibility. It also has new properties that PTFE does not have, such as porosity, air permeability, hydrophobicity, and flexibility. It is an excellent material for waterproofing, dustproofing and ventilation, and is widely used in filtering, textiles, automobiles, electronics, medicine, packaging and other fields.

Filtering field of PTFE micro-porous membrane

Under the background of environmental protection, driven by the growth of the coal-fired power industry's dust removal renovation demand, the annual growth rate of PTFE composite membrane consumption has reached 12%. However, as the dust removal renovation of the coal-fired power industry is nearing an end, the consumption growth rate in the filtering field has slowed down.

Textile field of PTFE micro-porous membrane

The application of PTFE micro-porous membrane in the clothing industry is mainly concentrated in high-end sports jackets, military and firefighting suits, etc. With the development of the national army, firefighting and outdoor clothing industries, as well as the quality improvement of products such as military and police protective clothing, training clothing, etc., the demand for PTFE micro-porous membranes in the textile industry is growing rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 10%.

PTFE membrane suppliers can anticipate sustained demand in the textile industry as high-performance fabrics continue to penetrate military, firefighting, and outdoor markets, driving a projected growth rate of around 8% for PTFE membranes. In the filtering field, as the national atmospheric emission standards become increasingly stringent, "ultra-low emission" has expanded from the initial power industry to all pollution industries. The demand for PTFEmicro-porous membrane will continue to grow, with an expected growth rate of around 6%.

Other fields of PTFE micro-porous membrane

Other application fields of polytetrafluoroethylene membrane include biopharmaceuticals, medical (including masks, protective clothing, etc.), food packaging, chemical packaging, agricultural compost film, etc. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many PTFE micro-porous membrane production companies have shifted to the production of masks, protective clothing, and other products, resulting in a relatively high consumption proportion in other fields.

In other fields, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the usage of PTFE micro-porous membranes in the field of epidemic prevention materials such as masks and protective clothing has increased significantly, but as the pandemic is brought under control, its demand will return to a normal and reasonable level.