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Fire & Safety

Fire & Safety

Fire & Safety Garments with PTFE Membrane

Firefighters need to be protected from harm in the dangerous must be well protected from fire, extreme heat, cold water, etc. In addition, many international standards and regulations must be met. SUNGOD flame retardant products, such as fire safety film, provide excellent waterproofness, high breathability, and long-lasting protection to firefighters.

It has durable flame retardant and high abrasion resistant property even after 20 times washing without compromise of performance. All our products for structural fire protection comply with international standards and are highly durable, providing optimal protection while also providing excellent comfort.

Features and Benefits

SUNGOD PTFE could be laminated to a lot of flame retardant fabrics:

  • Aramid (M-aramid, P-aramid)

  • Nomex, Kevlar

  • FR Viscose

  • Mod Acrylic

  • Tanlon

The laminated products could pass below standards:

  • EN 469 Protective clothing for firefighters

  • NFPA 1971 Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting

  • EN 533 Protective clothing- Protection against Heat and Flame- Limited flame spread materials and materials assemblies

  • EN 531 Protective clothing for industrial workers exposed to heat (excluding firefighters' and welders' clothing)

Fire & Safety Garments with PTFE Membrane