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Fire & Safety

Garments with Fire & Safety Film

PTFE Membrane for Fire & Safety

Firefighters need to be protected from harm in the dangerous must be well protected from fire, extreme heat, cold water, etc. In addition, many international standards and regulations must be met. SUNGOD flame retardant products, such as fire safety film, provide excellent waterproofness, high breathability, and long-lasting protection to firefighters.

It prevents the wearer from heavy rain, gasoline, even blood-borne pathogens, offers high breathability, keeping you comfortable and protected.

Features and Benefits of Fire & Safety Film

We know what you need based on your situation: you usually need a lightweight jacket that protects you outside but keeps you comfortable inside. Whatever you need, our fabrics are a part of the leading solutions. 

It is ideal for a variety of enforcement uniform wear, covering a wide range of bad weather conditions.

  • Wet Flex

  • Cold Flex

  • Tensile Strength

  • Anti-Abrasion

Fire Safety Film